From Kick to Kneel

Now if you will obey me and keep my covenant, you will be my own special treasure from among all the peoples on earth; for all the earth belongs to me.” -Exodus 19:5 (NLTCE)

He is a Northern Irishman, who has earned 27 caps for his country. He has had a great career as Manchester United midfielder, including spells with Norwich and Cardiff City.

5b. Getting hurt

Philip Mulryne - the football star

Philip Mulryne (team-mate of David Beckham and Ryan Giggs) has ditched his glamorous lifestyle and future in coaching or television punditry, to become a priest in the Catholic Church.  The 38-year old handsome star is now a member of the Dominican order and was ordained recently by the Archbishop of Dublin.

“This for me was one of the major reasons that attracted me to the religious life,” he said in a TV interview following his ordination. “To give oneself completely to God through the profession of the evangelical councils, to take him as our example and despite our weakness and our defects, trust in Him that he will transform us by his grace, and thus being transformed, communicate the joy in knowing him to everyone we meet – this for me is the ideal of Dominican life and one of the major reasons of what attracted me to the order.”

4. Mulryne -Why I became a priest (1)

Reason – “Why Murlyne became a priest…”

Mulryne, a 38-year old Irishman, began his career in football as a kid in 1994 when he attended the Manchester United youth academy, and eventually joined the Norwich league in 1999.

2. Mulryne-on-his-diaconate-ordination

Prostrating – Philip Mulryne on his diaconate ordination for God

It is true that in September 2016, who’d earned  £500,000 during his playing career, was  declared bankrupt at Belfast’s High Court. However, none can say it was that which edged him into full time service of God. He had got his vocation years ago, first enrolling at the Pontifical Irish College in Rome in 2009. He had previously spent two years studying philosophy in Italy, before undertaking a four-year degree in Belfast.

5a. Getting hurt

None can explain why Mulryne suffered injury after injury


His team-mates were stunned when they heard the news, but admitted that he had been restless for quite some time as he felt God speaking to him about his future. The calling became stronger when he began to have strange injuries towards the end of his career. Not wanting to jostle with the Lord, he gave up his career, and gave in to the call.

Glory be to God!

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