Thrill of recall

You unfailing love, O Lord, is as vast as the heavens; Your faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds.” –Psalm 36:5

On 6 March, 2017, the NLTCE celebrates the first anniversary of it’s joyful, holy existence.

Whether it is one month, 5 years, or 150 years, every anniversary is a significant turning point. It is a testament to the sweat that has brought us to this day. The anniversary also acts as a new beginning for new goals to reach and better things to come.

Fond flashback:


Most Rev. Salvatore Pennacchio, Apostolic Nuncio in India to release the NLTCE Bible 6th, March 2016

The New Living Translation Catholic Edition was released on March 6, 2016 by His Excellency, Most Rev. Salvatore Pennacchio, Apostolic Nuncio to India and Nepal during the one day Plenary Assembly held at the Paul VI auditorium, Bengaluru. The members of the CCBI Commission for Bible, Tyndale House Publishers, USA, ATC Publishers, Bengaluru and the twelve scholars were also present for this historical event in the history of the CCBI.

Enthusiastic welcome:

The New Living Translation was translated by a group of 90 scholars who used the dynamic-equivalence philosophy of translation. This makes the text eminently readable, since it uses the vocabulary and sentence structure of modern English. More than 33 million copies of the New Living Translation have been distributed over the past twenty years, and it has been received with enthusiasm. 

Blood & sweat:

NLT Scholars

The scholars behind the NLTCE with Tyndale's CEO Mark Taylor, Jim and Ellen Elwell

Over the past three years, every word of the NLT has been carefully reviewed by 12 Catholic scholars here in India. They have worked under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Lucien Legrand, mep and ably supported by Rev. Dr. Assisi Saldanha, cssr and Rev. Dr. Govindu Rayanna, who formed the core committee. The scholars read their assigned book or books in the NLT both to ensure that it is a faithful translation of the original texts, and to ensure that nothing in the text had been translated in a way that was contrary to Catholic teaching. As a result of this review, a relative handful of changes were made in the text of the NLT to improve the precision of the translation in English.

After that careful and thorough review by the team of scholars, the New Living Translation was granted the Nihil Obstat by His Excellency, Gali Bali, Bishop of Guntur, who was the then Chairman of the CCBI Bible Commission. Finally, the NLT was granted the Imprimatur by His Eminence Oswald Cardinal Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay and President of the CCBI.  

Large landmark:

Catholic Bishops of India

The Catholic Bishops of India holding up a copy of the newly released NLTCE Bible at the release last March

It is a momentous occasion releasing the HOLY BIBLE, New Living Translation Catholic Edition (NLTCE) in the presence of the distinguished gathering. The release of NLTCE is historic because it is the first English Bible to be given an imprimatur by the CCBI in India. The effort is the result of collaboration between Catholic scholarship in India and the world’s leading Christian Publishers, Tyndale Publishing House, USA. It has been an ecumenical effort that spanned nearly three years. NLT is a “missionary translation” intended to present the biblical message in a language accessible even to non-Christians. The translation is both lucid yet solid in its presentation of the message. 

Come April:

Tyndale was granted the Imprimatur through the Catholic Church of India, which gives them the ability to take this worldwide. The first edition to be available in the States will be a hardcover edition that is scheduled to release in April of 2017.

Truth is, the year seems to have simply flown by. It is a measure of success. Future relationships are based on trust and an anniversary demonstrates stability and worth. For the NLTCE-website team, this is not just a celebratory event. There is a sense of pride and energy associated with the milestone. It gives us a boost in spirit to have a theme to rally around, building upon the Bible’s own rich history and credibility.

-By the NLTCE News Network


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