This Catholic Edition of the Holy Bible NLTCE will be a great help for personal reading, study and prayer. With it's flowing text, it will also provide a useful tool for Lectico Divina sharing and other prayer group dynamics.

The NLTCE Bible is available in the following editions:

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About the New Living Translation Catholic Edition

The Holy Bible NLTCE combines the latest biblical scholarship with a clear, dynamic writing style communicating God's word powerfully to all who read it. Following the principle of dynamic equivalence, it provides a refreshingly fluid reading of the Sacred Scriptures, which may be missing in more literal translations. It presents the biblical message in a language accessible even to non-Christian readers, clearly. Here are a few highlights of the New Living Translation Catholic Edition Bible:

  • Translated from the the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek text
  • Includes the original seven Deuterocanonical books and utilises anglicised spellings
  • Reviewed by a group of eminent Catholic Bible Scholars
  • Imprimatur granted by Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay and President of Conference of Catholic Bishops of India (CCBI) on behalf of CCBI
  • The first English Bible text to be granted imprimatur by the Conference of Catholic Bishops in India
  • Endowed with lively illustrations