How to get your healing

The Scriptures declare that we are all prisoners of sin, so we receive God’s promise of freedom only by believing in Jesus Christ.”Galatians 3:22

Those ill, with birth, chronic, fatal, non-fatal as well as debilitating defect and disease, desperately want to be healed from your ailments. Let us face it; we all want our hands, eyes, and feet to be functional. We try to bear the occasional headache, but who, in creation wants cancer, liver sclerosis, tumors, and blindness? I know of a blind man who was healed. I believe there is a hidden formula in that story. I believe many of us can be healed. Can we do what he did? Let us find out.

This blind man needed no buff…


Jesus heals Bartimaeus - A still from a Jesus movie

Read Mark 10:46-52. Bartimaeus (call him Bart) lived at a time when blindness was considered a curse. 2000 years ago there were no blind schools, Braille for the blind, charities to take care of blind people’s needs, or even jobs for the blind. In fact, this cursed blind beggar had to shout “Unclean!” “Unclean!” every time he took a step. Because to touch him even by mistake would make the other person unclean for the whole day. (You have to wonder when was the last time somebody hugged him, held his hand, or even spoke to him.)

To understand how Bart got his instant healing, we first need to look at how the world and often Christians respond to sickness:

  • WORLD’s RESPONSE: “It’s my fate” … The medical maze … self-pity
  • CHRISTIAN RESPONSE: “God is punishing me” … Sin mapping … unending healing marathons

What did Bart do differently?

  1. He was willing to do anything for his healing. This man, who had probably only mumbled “Unclean!” all his life, suddenly began shouting Jesus’ name and begging for mercy.
  2. He shut out all negative voices. People told him to shut up. He only shouted louder. Many may tell you to give up. You should not budge, shout louder!
  3. He went running when God called Him. Jesus heard Bartimaeus and stopped. The fickle crowd (which had told him to be quiet) now told him Jesus was calling him. Bart would not know where Jesus was, but turning in the direction of the voice, he threw off his coat. For a blind beggar, the coat is the greatest security. He threw off his security and ran to Jesus.

Jesus: “What do you want?”

Bartimaeus: “I want to see.”

That was enough for Jesus, who responded with, “Go, your faith has healed you.”

It was that simple.

Are you willing to get out of self-pity, shut out negative voices, throw off your security, believe in Jesus Christ, make a precise prayer, and SHOUT? Louder than Bart did, if that is possible!

What God has done for Bartimaeus, He can and will do for you.

by Jacqueline Olivia

Jacqueline OliviaJacqueline Olivia works for a Bangalore based publishing company. She enjoy good discussions on spiritual and non spiritual topics. She loves animals, reading, illustrating and making new friends.

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