How to know The Father’s Heart

How to know The Father’s Heart

Your own ears will hear Him. Right behind you a voice will say, “This is the way you should go,” -Isaiah 30:21

I want you to show love,

    not offer sacrifices.

I want you to know me

    more than I want burnt offerings.

~ (Hosea 6: 6) NLT

As part of my regular prayers, I pray, “Lord, I seek Your Heart and Your Mind.” However, I hardly pause for a few moments before I move ahead with the rest of my prayers. At such a speed, am I really trying to seek His Heart and His Mind? Do I really give Him a chance to tell me what is in His Heart and His Mind? 

Something happened today and I was a little upset with a dear friend. As a result, this person was taking effort to make me feel significant and important. It felt good. With all the attention that I was getting, it was an opportunity for me to desire (and demand) for more. I pretended to be unmoved and feigned I was still upset. I was enjoying the attention, love and time that was coming my way.

When we desire to feel significant in the eyes of our dear and loved ones, we tend (or we pretend) to be upset or aloof a little longer. No matter how much the other person tries to make up, coax, persuade and love us, we still tend to demand more love, more attention and more significance. We crave for more attention and more time from the other person.

 If we understand how the human mind and heart works, and what it desires, can we not try to know how our God’s heart and mind desires more of our love, our attention and our time?

 I pray that the next time I pray, “Lord, I seek Your Heart and Mind”, I will pause and love and worship Him, give Him more attention, make Him more significant and only then shall I proceed with the divine communication.

 Holy Spirit, thank You, Lord, for teaching me this wonderful lesson that as with human beings, communication with God too is a two-way process. Thank You, Lord for showing me a glimpse of the Father’s Heart, our dearest Daddy’s Heart.

This insight is the answer to my prayer, “Lord, I seek Your Heart and Your Mind.” He has revealed to me what is in His heart and His mind.

He wants more of me.

 For I desire and delight in [steadfast] loyalty [faithfulness in the covenant relationship], rather than sacrifice,
And in the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.

~ (Hosea 6: 6) AMP

by Paramita Debbarman

ParamitaParamita is currently working for a Multinational Information Technology Company. She is also a Life Coach and a Counselor. Coaching is her passion and calling. Paramita also facilitates in National and International Seminars and has a prayer ministry. 

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